Therapist Accused of Brainwashing Young Women

Further action has been taken relating to the work of the therapist Anne Craig.

The family of a patient treated by Anne Craig have requested the High Court to grant them access to evidence held by the Metropolitan Police, after Mrs Craig was arrested and questioned in 2014.  They claim their daughter was brainwashed by her, and separated herself from them as a direct result of the treatment she received. They believe their daughter was manipulated into believing she was abused by her family as a child and that her therapy led to the creation of false memories and a comprehensive, damaging reinvention of her past as a consequence.


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Anne Craig claims that she is the victim of a sustained campaign of harassment and that she has done nothing wrong.

Mrs Craig sat in the public gallery, with the aristocrat’s daughter beside her, as her lawyers also spoke to object to the mother’s application. She denies any wrongdoing.
The countess’ barrister Mark Jones said a private investigator had uncovered a ‘harrowing body of evidence’ about the therapist’s methods.

‘My client’s case is that the evidence she has obtained from investigations discloses a methodology whereby memories or events are falsely and deliberately implanted in the minds of impressionable, perhaps vulnerable, young women,’ he said.

‘Part of the intention of so doing is to sunder their natural relations of affection with their families.’

A dozen of Mrs Craig’s former clients had been spoken to by the private investigator with many of them showing themselves fearful of the therapist, he said.

One woman – referred to as S – said she and others had been talked into believing their parents were guilty of ‘horrendous’ behaviour towards them.

‘We were so brainwashed by her constant pressure, we ended up believing it,’ she said in an interview.

‘She took things that happened and twisted them until we saw ourselves as only victims.’

Another young woman said Mrs Craig had ‘dictated’ her every move, isolating her from family and friends.

The aristocrat’s daughter, who cannot be named, had come to believe she was the victim of violence in childhood and not spoken to her family for years, the barrister said.

The methods described were not those used by a therapist who wanted to help young people with troubling personal issues, Mr Jones added.

‘If true, it appears manipulative, controlling and deeply malign,’ he told Mrs Justice Slade.


He added: ‘If that’s correct, the untrue allegations would be made wholly or in part with the intention of discrediting the family members said to have done the terrible things.’

He added that the countess could now sue Mrs Craig for ‘indirect harassment’, but needs evidence from the police investigation if she is to put forward a case.

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