Operation Midland: ‘Grotesque Witch Hunt” Finally Ends

A truly damning verdict on Operation Midland from the Daily Mail. With the clearing of Harvey Proctor, the investigation has come to an end. A ‘VIP sex ring’ that never was, costing millions of pounds and exhausting hundreds of man hours, it simply had no credible evidence to support it.  Seeming to disregard the standard legal processes normally required by serious police investigations, it attracted criticism not just from the accused but from barristers, journalists and many members of the public.


Based on allegations by suspected fantasist identified only as ‘Nick’, that a VIP paedophile ring operated at the heart of the establishment in the 1970s and 80s, it has taken 31 detectives away from vital duties and dragged the reputations of innocent men through the mire.

The accusations – that a hugely distinguished war hero, an ex-prime minister, a Home Secretary, MPs and the former heads of MI5 and MI6 were involved in child rape and murder – were outlandish to say the least. Yet the police swallowed them whole, notoriously describing them as ‘credible and true’.

There was no corroboration but, in an inversion of a fundamental principle of justice, everyone named was treated as guilty. Labour deputy leader Tom Watson led the hue and cry in Parliament, saying he believed the allegations were ‘sincere’ and demanding urgent police action.

That action was swift and brutal. One of the accused, Field Marshal Lord Bramall, a 92-year-old highly decorated Normandy veteran, had his house ransacked by 22 officers as his terminally ill wife looked on. Meanwhile, Lord Brittan was hounded up until his death over false rape claims.

…. The Met has shown utter contempt for the inalienable right of everyone to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and its arrogant insistence that its officers didn’t do anything wrong is simply an affront to justice.

It also proves they have learned absolutely nothing from this fiasco.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3503726/DAILY-MAIL-COMMENT-Grotesque-witch-hunt-shames-Yard.html#ixzz43lDWYUlJ

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