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  • The website of Professor Elizabeth Loftus and article by Elizabeth Loftus describing the case of ‘Jennifer H
  • Richard Webster’s website – Information about false allegations, police trawls, Freud and the Shieldfield trial
  • Allen Esterson’s website – Exposing Freudian Myths
  • Recovered Memory Therapy – informative blog on recovered memories and RMT
  • Stop Bad Therapy – A site drawing attention to malpractice within therapy
  • JET Report – The Nottingham Joint Social Services / Police Report into a satanic scare
  • – A resource centre for laymen and attorneys
  • FAHSA –      Falsely Accused of Historic Sexual Assault. Information, advice and guidance.
  • Justice for Carol – The amazing story of a family’s search for the truth about what happened to a sister.
  • – Advice, guidance and resource for individuals falsely accused of sexual offences.