Justice Watchdog Sued by Wrongly Convicted Man

The Independent reports that the Criminal Cases Review Commission is to be sued by a wrongly convicted man who spent 17 years in prison for attempted rape after DNA evidence proved he was innocent:


The harsh reality is that the effects of a miscarriage of justice last for a lifetime, as in Gerry Conlon’s case:


The British False Memory Society (BFMS) knows all too well that false memories of sexual abuse can lead to appalling miscarriages of justice, and that memory testimonies should not be unquestioningly accepted. People make sincere – and sometimes not so sincere – mistakes:


Founded in 1993, in response to an epidemic of false claims of past child abuse by adults in therapy, the BFMS is aware of over 700 cases which have culminated in police involvement in contested allegations involving false or distorted memories. Understanding the nature of false memory can not only prevent miscarriages of justice, but save people and their families from total ruin.

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