Justice for Carol Book Review

Justice for Carol Book

Justice for Carol – The Creation of a Satanic Myth in the United Kingdom

Justice for Carol – the true story of Carol Felstead, is a groundbreaking and devastating personal account of the heartbreak inflicted onto a hitherto ordinary family after Carol was incorrectly diagnosed as a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

By Dr Kevin Felstead and Richard Felstead. Publisher: CreateSpace. Date: 2014.

Carol was hypnotised, sedated and brainwashed. Her childhood memories were eradicated and her mind was reordered. Carol was assigned a new identity, separated from her family, and a myth was created which helped stoke the entire Satanic Abuse panic in the United Kingdom. Out of the blue, in 2005, Carol phoned her brother and said she wanted to return home. One week later she died in mysterious circumstances. Eight years have now passed since we embarked on our odyssey to discover the truth about Carol’s life and death. It has been a long, hard journey, opposed at every step by the authorities who have each played their contributory parts in this tragedy. We have been told lies, we have been deceived, we have been kept in ignorance and as the narrative of Carol’s life and death gradually unfolded, we found ourselves caught up in a frightening conspiracy of silence, misinformation and institutional cover ups. Following a number of protracted investigations we have now uncovered many of the facts and the story it tells is so alarming that it ought to be communicated to every right-thinking citizen in the United Kingdom. Carol was the victim of systemic abuse at the hands of experimental psychotherapists using standard medical procedures that are still supported and funded by the National Health Service today. She was misdiagnosed, hypnotised and maltreated; her mind was broken, her health was destroyed, and her young life was ruined by the medical treatment she received over the course of twenty years. Though she was aged 41 when she died, the real truth is that her life ended at 21 when she went to see her doctor about a headache. The issues in this case reach far beyond a single death – they indicate that, disturbingly, this must have happened many, many times, and that every law-abiding citizen of the United Kingdom needs to be concerned about the problems raised by it – for they present serious dangers to each of us.


An incredible book, for all the right and wrong reasons.
This book is a captivating read blending a well laid out factual account of the events surrounding Carol Felstead’s life and death with a moving human description of how those events have affected a regular family over the past decade. Read this book and you will go on an unbelievable and thought provoking journey as the Felstead family is confronted with grief, the worst kind of allegations against them and obstacle after obstacle in their tenacious quest for that most basics of rights: the truth.

It’s a must read for anyone with a family member who is receiving significant mental health treatment and a recommended read for anyone with an interest in how individuals and authorities in positions of trust are, or more importantly, are not, held to account.

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A shocking, heartbreaking, well documented account of a family’s fight for justice
A shocking story, that exposes the destructive powers of more than one deluded therapist’ and the heart breaking consequences for both Carol Felstead and her family. I was shocked, frustrated and saddened in equal measure whilst reading the book. Especially poignant was the effect it had on a close loving family and the horror of what Carol’s parents had to go through.

This is a well written and documented story by Dr Kevin Felstead that needed to be told.

The book is an ideal subject candidate for a television documentary.

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