Hampstead Heath Case – The Satanic Cult That Wasn’t

The Hampstead Heath Case was one of the most remarkable, bizarre Satanic hoaxes ever yet perpetrated. It was extraordinary, not just just because of the weird nature of the claims made by its ring leaders, but because of the videos posted on the internet which made it into a global sensation.


Its members are, it’s claimed, drawn mainly from a school and church in Hampstead. They are said to wear shoes made of baby skin, to dance with the skulls of dead babies and to sexually abuse young children. But the cult doesn’t exist. The claims are, according to a High Court Judge, ‘baseless’ and those who have sought to perpetrate them are ‘evil’.

The Report investigates why, after a police inquiry and a family court judgement which unequivocally rubbished the notion of Satanic abuse in Hampstead, the allegations are proliferating on the internet and being spread all over the world? We hear from the supposed cult members who have had their personal details and photographs published online and received death threats. And we ask about the welfare of the two children at the centre of it all who were coerced into fabricating the fantastical story.


The prgramme can listed to online on the Radio 4 website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05r40r5. An mp3 download is also available.

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