Fractured Families – The Untold Anguish of the Falsely Accused

Fractured Families Cover

Fractured Families – The Untold Anguish of the Falsely Accused

Fractured Families is a collection of powerful personal accounts of the devastation caused by false memories.

Edited by Norman Brand – Foreward by Anne Atkins. Publisher: BFMS. Date: 2007.

The book also includes accounts from individuals who have accused their parents of unspeakable crimes only to later realise their allegations are unfounded – and who have had to come to terms with the tragic consequences. Fractured Families is a must-read for all academics and clinicians working in the field of psychology and psychiatry, child protection workers, including social workers, plus everyone in the criminal justice field, especially lawyers and the police. This book is also for any parent unfortunate enough to have been falsely accused. And, of course, for anyone undergoing some form of regression therapy in an attempt to uncover alleged “buried trauma”.


One reviewer summarised the book as:


Before reading this book I had no knowledge of “recovered memory” and in fact no idea that such a thing existed. My children have all grown up and we are a quite ordinary family except perhaps that we probably meet up and communicate with each other more than many. The book therefore shocked me and I would simply not have thought that the situations recounted here were possible. However the stories ring true because they strain credulity to such an extent that it is difficult to imagine them being the product of someone’s imagination.

Whereas the pain and injustice suffered by the subjects of recovered memory are truly harrowing, the book as a whole is uplifting. The individuals who are suddenly plunged into a nightmare situation from which there seems to be no escape, no reason, no logic and no support from any of the authorities involved, show a simple heroism, resilience and courage that demonstrates the resourcefulness that very ordinary people can sometimes summon to their aid.

Anyone interested in understanding how the innocent can suddenly face really quite incredible false accusations of the most awful sexual kind, should read this book.


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