False Memory Accusations in France

A hard hitting article from Liberation, published on 23 August. The article has been translated from the original French. The police have concluded that monetary fraud was an an important motive behind the therapist’s behaviour.

In autumn 2009, Emiline A, aged 35 at the time, went to see the gendarmes in LILLE to tell them that she had information about a paedophile ring which killed children.

Having previously held a responsible managerial position at BNP Paribas and speaking clearly and convincingly, she declared that she had herself been the victim of atrocious things organised by this ring and by her own parents – (child sacrifice, orgies with underage children, black magic, abortions, etc., etc.).

Investigations proved these accusations unfounded and the gendarmes began to think of the phenomenon of recovered memory leading a person to believe that his or her psychological suffering in the result of  an un-remembered trauma . The therapy consists of getting the patient to break with his or her family, thus facilitating submission to the therapist.

The gendarmes began to link this case to other similar ones, all concerning a certain Marie-Christine P. whose osteopathy treatments invariably morphed into sessions where the patients recount hitherto unrealised memories relating to sexual abuse in childhood.

One woman related that the therapist had tried to convince her that her mother had tried to kill her while she was still in the womb. Another accused her father of rape.

In every case, a complete break with the family was presented as the only way to obtain a cure. Patients are encouraged to bring charges against their parents and to destroy their family by all possible means.

A specialist Parisian police unit investigating cases of abuse of weakness made the connection with the LILLE cases. It turned out that Emiline A   knew Christine P. and her treatment after a fall from a horse soon led to more intrusive questions, with the result that Emiline developed a strong hatred of her parents who were accused of participating in a paedophile ring which includes members of the secret services, police, judges, psychiatrists, etc.

The police were intrigued by the colossal sums of money given by Emiline to Marie-Christine, for example 800 000 €  in cash in one year. Raids on Christine’s country house uncovered large amounts of cash.  The police noted a strong discrepancy between the proceeds of the consultancy business that Marie-Christine had set up and her life style.

The life style was the result of the fascination and generosity of her patients. One gave her all her jewellery; anther sold Marie-Christine her Paris apartment for a derisory sum.

A select group of patients would be invited to her country home, dubbed a ‘detector of truth’. These were then charged with finding new recruits for her system.

Emilie was the most efficient of these recruiters.  She had been appointed deputy director of an important subsidiary of BNP and directed huge consultancy contracts to Marie-Christine.   In fact, M-C began to make all the important decisions in the company and place her pawns as she wished, even receiving part of their salary. The contracts finally amounted to 2.5 million euros.

BNP eventually carried out an internal audit which revealed no justification for huge expenses and raised suspicions of fraud on Emiline’s part.  However, no action was taken for fear of bad publicity.

A dozen people have brought charges against Marie-Christine, including Emiline, who unlike the others has done so only in order to have access to the documents in the case. She still considers Marie-Christine ‘a woman of brilliance and integrity’.

Source: http://www.liberation.fr/france/2016/08/23/faux-souvenirs-vraie-emprise_1474279