Expert Says Abuse Claims Against Ted Heath Probably False Memories

An official report for Wiltshire Police drawn up by criminologist Dr Rachel Hoskins concluded that the ‘Heath Inquiry, like the Westminster VIP Inquiry, rests on an over-active imagination.’

In September 2015 Wiltshire Police asked Dr Hoskins to examine the evidence supplied to them by their informants – ‘Nick’, who had provided ‘evidence’ to the now discredited ‘VIP Paedophile Ring’ Inquiry, and three women.


Nick had given some evidence regarding Heath’s yacht, claimed he had seen him in Dolphin Square – the Westminster apartment complex popular with politicians – and that the former Prime Minister had saved him from being castrated by Mr Proctor. Wiltshire Police have not re-interviewed Nick about his claims, which Mr Proctor described as ‘so far-fetched as to be unbelievable’, not least because he and Heath ‘despised’ each other.

Dr Hoskins was also given the records of police interviews with three women who have claimed their parents were members of the occult, and who this year said Heath was friends with them and present when they were abused.

One of the women told police this year she could picture Heath with his top off and laughing as she was abused, and another time Heath himself attacked her. On another occasion she said Heath was present in a candlelit forest where symbols had been drawn on the floor ahead of sex abuse. A third woman told police that Heath was there when she was abused.

After reviewing the evidence, Dr Hoskins told Wiltshire Police in a 150-page report that there were numerous problems with it. She pointed out there were no records of missing or murdered children that matched the accounts, and it was implausible that cultists would bring children along to witness their killings.

She said that although the witnesses had made lurid claims, which crossed the boundary into fantasy, they lacked detail and there was no corroborating evidence – just memories.


Wiltshire Police have since argued that Dr Hoskins’ report was just a small part of their investigation into Edward Heath, however Dr Hoskins has said it was actually the main evidence.

The investigation, called Operation Conifer, is still continuing.

Satanic Ritual Abuse accusations are, it appears, central to the claims made against Edward Heath.  Dr Hoskins explains:


I have also been examining the even more prominent investigation, known as Operation Midland into a Westminster paedophile sex ring.

As a result of this work I know that the lurid account of child sacrifice above is by no means the only outrageous claim of satanic ritual abuse to be levelled against prominent people. Worse, I have established that the allegations against at least some of the people caught up in Operations Conifer and Midland are based on no more that two uncorroborated witnesses, whose claims of satanic abuse were made under the influence of controversial psychotherapists specialising in ‘recovered memories’.

At least one of these witnesses was under the influence of hypnosis. I am profoundly disturbed. In 15 years of working as an independent police expert, I have never seen anything like it.


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