Exaro News Is Playing A Dangerous Game With Its Paedophile Murder Story

Following sensational claims about a paedophile ring involving MPs, widely reported in the national press, Matthew Scott, a respected senior Barrister, has written a brilliant and illuminating essay which warns of the dangers of leaping to precipitous conclusions without first undertaking simple fact-checking and rigorous investigation. In a sober and lucid analysis, Matthew examines the case of Carol Felstead who was hypnotised, sedated and brainwashed, during protracted psychotherapy without restraint. Her case helped to stoke up the entire Satanic Abuse panic in the United Kingdom. The blog provides a devastating critique of some of Carol’s psychotherapists, including Dr Valerie Sinason – a name well-known to the BFMS.


Some of Carol’s story was told, not to Exaro or the BBC but to one of the country’s best known therapists and psychoanalysts, Dr Valerie Sinason, who incorporated some of it (changing Carol’s name to “Rita”) into the work that made her name: Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse. According to Dr Sinason there are:

“Men and women, dedicated to Aleister Crowley’s guiding principle ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law’, worship Satan as their god in private houses or in churchyards and forests…They drink blood and urine and eat faeces and insects. They are involved in pornographic films and drug-dealing as a means of raising money. They are highly organised, successful in their secrecy and have a belief that through this pain and abuse they are getting closer to their god.”

Sinason is also on record as believing that Satanists go to “castles and woodlands” to practise human sacrifice, cannibalism and bestiality with dogs and goats.

Not surprisingly Sinason’s grand ouevre has been rubbished by many psychiatrists. “Credulous, superstitious, iatrogenic illness-inducing, self-righteous, incendiary garbage,” was one description of it at a Maudsley Hospital convention of psychiatrists, who together voted it the second worst psychiatric publication in the last hundred years, comfortably beating Laing and Freud.


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