Falsely Accused Day Planning Meeting

Online registrations now accepted for those that wish to contribute to Falsely Accused Day 9 September 2021. Click here to read more.


27th BFMS Annual General Meeting 30 April 2021 – Keynote Speech by Professor Dr Henry Otkaar

Professor Otkaar spoke on ‘The Revival Of The Memory Wars: The Scientific Nature Of False And Repressed Memories’. Click here to watch the recording.


Innovation of Justice 24 Nov 2018 – Reviving the Criminal Justice System

Bringing together victims of miscarriages of justice and those who can change or influence the law. Click here to read more.


The Fascinating Phenomenon of False Memories

Lectures and discussions by leading experts on the phenomenon of false memories, to be held at Goldsmiths, University of London, Friday, 18 November, 7 – 9 PM. Click here to find out more.