The Edward Heath Witch Hunt is the Stuff of Hitler’s Dreams

If it wasn’t so horrific, this would be entertaining.

In the Daily Telegraph, Dan Hodges writes:

Wiltshire police are on the trail of a sex abuser. He is a tall, well-built man, white, approximately 45 years old, and answers to the name of “Edward” or “Teddy” or “The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom”. Anyone with any information on his whereabouts at any point from the early 1960s to the late 1990s should contact their special hotline. All calls will be treated in confidence. Then leaked to the national media.

When’s it going to end? Or at least pause. Just a single, brief moment of introspection. Is that really too much to ask? To question if this really is who we are. Or who we want to be.

Edward Heath. Former prime minister. Former leader of the opposition. Mentioned in dispatches during the Normandy campaign. All gone now. In the blink of an eye. Or the blink of a press release. His entire life – a lifetime of public service – completely erased. And replaced with a putrid, fetid, sordid stain.

That is literally all it takes now – in Britain, in 2015. One letter. One phone call. One meeting. And it’s done.

It’s time it was undone. I’m bored of listening to the howl of the mob. Watching sun glinting off the scythes, and being told this represents “justice”.

Yes, I know. My first thought is supposed to be for “the victims”. But I don’t think there are any victims of Edward Heath. I think the man who has come forward to the claim he was abused by Ted Heath when he was 12 is mistaken. I think the former brothel keeper – who has a conviction for perverting the course of justice – and who is one of the other main “witnesses” against him is lying, or mistaken as well.

And if evidence comes forward to the contrary, then I’ll acknowledge I was wrong. You see, that was how it used to work. We’d wait for the evidence, we’d test the evidence, and then we’d reach our verdict. Back before Jimmy Savile. Before we hit the moral panic button. Before police forces thought “We’re going to be accused of a cover up here. Let’s press release everything. Make it look like we’re getting it all out there. Even better, let’s put out an appeal for witnesses. No one can accuse us of a whitewash then”.

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