Dr Kevin Felstead Live Interview on Voice of Islam Radio

The BFMS Director of Communications, Dr Kevin Felstead, was a guest on Voice of Islam Radio on Friday, 21 September 2018.  The short interview discussed a broad range of issues, including:


  • How child abuse is more widespread than has been commonly perceived.
  • The dichotomy between false memory and child abuse.
  • How false memory accusations divert resources away from genuine cases of child abuse.
  • How the BFMS try to distinguish between genuine cases of child abuse and those that are a result of false memory.
  • How self-help books can convince vulnerable individuals that false memories are true.
  • How the justice system has previously let down genuine victims of child abuse, but since the Jimmy Savile scandal has now gone in the opposite direction, with many people being falsely accused.
  • The consequences of false accusations.


The interview can be heard in a pre-recorded podcast at the following link:


It starts at 1 hour 8 minutes and 25 seconds into the recording, and ends at 1 hour 19 minutes.