Carl Beech Conviction – Media Discussion

The Batholomew’s Notes website has helpfully provided a comprehensive summary of the recent media coverage of the Carl Beech case, which has resulted in his conviction and imprisonment for 18 years on 12 counts of perverting the course of justice, one of fraud, and several child sexual offences.

The BBC leads with: Carl Beech: Liar, fraudster and paedophile


Carl Beech is a liar, fraudster and paedophile.

But for 18 months between 2014 and 2016, he was the star witness in a high-profile investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and murder, involving MPs, generals and senior figures in the intelligence services.

Those falsely accused had their properties raided, and one of them – ex-MP Harvey Proctor – lost both his home and his job.

At the time, Beech, a former NHS paediatric nurse, was working as a hospital inspector with the Care Quality Commission. He was also the governor of two schools in Gloucestershire where he lived.

Police referred to him only using the pseudonym “Nick”, to protect his identity.

His claims that he and others had been the victim of sexual abuse by a “VIP ring” in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and that he had witnessed three child murders by members of the same group, featured prominently on BBC News, in a British national newspaper and on a now-defunct website called Exaro.

However, while he was promoting his lies, Beech was busy downloading child abuse imagery and covertly filming a teenage boy.


Matthew Scott, barrister, has penned an article for Quillette entitled: The Many Lies of Carl Beech


On July 22, a two month trial at the Newcastle Crown Court ended with the conviction of Carl Beech on 12 counts of perverting the course of justice, and one of fraud. A seemingly unremarkable NHS manager, Beech had spun a web of falsehoods naming numerous men—alive and dead—from the world of politics, the army, and the security services, of murder and mind-bogglingly dreadful acts of child sexual abuse. Millions of pounds were spent by the Wiltshire and Metropolitan Police investigating his claims, and then millions more by the Northumbria Police, proving that they were false. To make matters even worse, it emerged during his trial that Beech had pleaded guilty in January to spying on children for his own sexual gratification, and had made and stored hundreds of indecent images of children.


Matthew Scott followed up this article with another for The Guardian called Carl Beech – the Plausibility of Liars and the Paucity of Proof


Barbara Hewson, barrister, has also written a powerful article, called R v Beech: Into a Heart of Darkness


…. The case opened with video footage, taken by a drone, of Beech’s Swedish hideaways deep in the forests of Northern Sweden, close to the Finnish and Russian borders. Why would someone from Gloucestershire want to move to a snowy fastness, close to Russia? When he was finally apprehended at Gothenberg station, Beech was carrying several mobiles, a knife and a length of rope. This is sinister.

Beech’s chief publicist, the notorious Mark Watts (ex-Editor in Chief of the equally infamous “fake news” portal Exaro), attended each day of the trial. Initially, he sat in an annexe which the court had provided for journalists who could not get a seat in the press bench. But then he ventured into court, sitting at the back of the press bench. He only ever referred to Beech as “Nick” – the nickname which Exaro gave Beech, when he first went public with his sensational and wildly improbable claims.

The bearded Mark Conrad, another former Exaro correspondent, and seemingly the fons et origo of Beech’s claims against named individuals sat next to Watts one afternoon, early on in the case. Thereafter, he was not seen again.

When the guilty verdicts were given, Watts looked shaken. He then issued a bizarre statement, claiming that there had been a mistrial.

So who is Carl Beech? It is fair to describe him as a person displaying psychopathic traits: in particular grandiosity, lack of remorse, and glibness.


Simon Warr, on his personal website, has written Carl Beech: He Didn’t Do It Alone


Although the prosecution has proved its case against Beech to the satisfaction of the jury and he has been led off in shame to the first of what will doubtless be many cells he will inhabit over the next decade or so, many issues remain unresolved. Ironically, it was left for the defence barrister to raise at least some of them during mitigation, before Beech was sentenced.

The first matter is the policy imposed on police and prosecutors that complainants in sexual allegation cases ‘will be believed’. As Beech’s counsel rightly pointed out, “With another approach, Mr Beech’s allegations would have been dismissed.”

And there is much truth in this observation. Had there not been a radical shift towards a so-called ‘victim-centred’ justice system, perhaps malicious and calculating liars and fraudsters such as Carl Beech could not have wreaked so much havoc, wasted police time and resources, and – most importantly – ruined so many innocent people’s lives. As soon as Beech’s allegations started to evolve into what became a multi-tentacled elite paedophile conspiracy theory, embracing not only former politicians (mostly Tories) but also senior military men, ex-intelligence service chiefs and others – including, as one has come to expect, Jimmy Savile – experienced Met detectives should have smelt a very large rat.


Richard Hoskins has written a piece directly implicating the psychotherapists who treated Carl Beech, saying they helped create the memories he recalled: Expert Who Told Police Carl Beech’s Evidence was ‘Ludicrous’ Blames Psychotherapists for the Foul Abuse ‘Memories’ They Helped Create


Last week, the man behind many of those foul allegations, Carl Beech, was jailed for 18 years for perjury and fraud and described by the judge as a ‘malicious fantasist’ – fantasies I believe were fuelled by psychotherapy and the powerful techniques at its disposal.

”” I told them the claims were ludicrous. Allegations from Beech and the sisters about Sir Edward and other public figures were the ravings of fantasists and frauds.

My report did not please Wiltshire Police, who asked me to rewrite it. When I refused, they pointed out that I was calling into doubt the credibility of their witnesses. They were right.

The police made it clear that my report belonged to them and would now be filed deep in the basement of Swindon Police’s headquarters.

And that’s why, on November 27, 2016, I told The Mail on Sunday that Operation Conifer and the claims against Heath were a giant hoax started by a single source who was clearly a liar and a fraud.

Last week, I was proved all too correct when Beech was jailed. He had also admitted possessing 300 pictures of underage boys on his computer, with 28 images in the worst, most violent category.

But for eight years he had managed to con two police forces, MPs such as Labour deputy leader Tom Watson and journalists from the BBC and online news service Exaro into believing his tissue of lies.

Carl Beech is the principle reason we have the vast – and I suspect ill-fated – Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

He caused the waste of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money and ruined the lives and legacies of those he falsely accused, such as former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor and D-Day veteran Lord Bramall.

Yet Beech should have been stopped at the outset.

It took me ten minutes of reading his ‘evidence’ to realise it was poppycock and many senior police officers have rightly been condemned for their astonishing gullibility.

But there is another group of professionals whose role in this fiasco should be examined, and that is the psychotherapists who gave legitimacy to the whole farrago.

Without them, none of this might have happened.


Links to each article are highlighted above.  The article on the Bartholomew’s Notes website is located here:  After the Conviction: Some Carl Beech Media Clippings.