BBC Documentary on Falsely Accused – ‘I Am Not a Rapist’

On Thursday, 10 September, BBC Northern Ireland transmitted a hard-hitting documentary on three young men falsely accused of rape, and of the devastating consequences to their lives the accusations made.


Of the 60,000 rape cases reported to police last year, it is estimated that up to eight per cent were false allegations. This documentary hears the stories of three young men who were falsely accused of rape, examining the consequences of the allegations on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.


The programme can still be watched on BBC iPlayer.  Users will need to login:


One of the cases is outlined in an article by the ‘Daily Mail’ published the same day as the programme:


Sister of a boy, 17, who killed himself after being falsely accused of rape by a girl whose mother said ‘I’m going to f****** get him’ breaks down as she recalls the night he was found hanging from a tree they played on as children

A woman whose 17-year-old brother took his own life after being falsely accused of rape tells how he was left ‘a shell of his former self’ following the allegation in a new BBC documentary.

Sixth form student Jay Cheshire, of Southampton, was ‘distraught’ to find himself at the centre of a police investigation when a girl accused him of rape in spring 2015.

The girl dropped the charges after two weeks but by then Jay, who was described as a ‘gentleman’ and ‘intelligent’, had already ‘spiralled completely’.

…. Weeks after the accusations were withdrawn Jay took his own life. ‘He’d bought his favourite energy drink, his favourite bag of crisps, and a length of rope,’ Camellia recalls. ‘He was found by a dog walker… It was a tree we used to play on when we were younger.’