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Every Blade of Grass

Every Blade of Grass – Richard Schaeffer

Every Blade of Grass. By Richard Schaeffer. Publisher: The Book Guild. Date: October 2017. Richard Schaeffer has written a dramatic novel based on the damage recovered memory therapy can inflict on patients and their families.

Memory Warp

Memory Warp Review – Mark Pendergrast

Memory Warp: How the Myth of Repressed Memory Arose and Refuses to Die By Mark Pendergrast. Publisher: Upper Access. Date: October 2017. In Memory Warp, Mark Pendergrast sounds a clarion call to stop the ongoing pseudoscience of ‘repressed memory therapy’, which has destroyed millions of families and continues to do…

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BBC Report on Carol Felstead Case

BBC London broadcast a report on the Carol Felstead case on Friday, 29 September. The short news item covered the issue of false memories being implanted by therapists, and has contributions from Joseph Felstead (Carol’s father), Dr Kevin Felstead (Carol’s brother, and the BFMS Director of Communications) and Dr Julia…

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BBC News Item on False Memory – Carol Felstead Case

On Friday, 29 September the BBC broadcast a short report on false memory and the Carol Felstead case. Carol’s father, Joseph, contributes to the report, as does Kevin Felstead, the Communications Director of the BFMS, and Dr Julia Shaw of the Department of Psychology at University College London.

Freud - The Making of an Illusion

Freud – The Making of an Illusion – Book Review

By Frederick Crews. Publisher: Macmillan USA. Date: 2017. Possibly the most devastating critique of Freud ever published.  Frederick Crews analyses Freud, his doctrines, and his working methods.  His conclusion is that Freud was a charlatan.