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Freud - The Making of an Illusion

Freud – The Making of an Illusion – Book Review

By Frederick Crews. Publisher: Macmillan USA. Date: 2017. Possibly the most devastating critique of Freud ever published.  Frederick Crews analyses Freud, his doctrines, and his working methods.  His conclusion is that Freud was a charlatan.

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How to Hack Memories

Many people find it difficult to believe that memories held by themselves or others can be changed or modified dramatically by third parties.

The Science of False Memory

The Science of False Memory – Book Review

By: C.J. Brainerd and V.F.Reyna. Publisher: Oxford University Press USA. Date: 2005. A decade or so of intensive research on false memory has revealed much that is not well understood outside the circles of scientists who specialize in such research. However, this research has produced findings that have major implications…