April 2016 SAFARI Newsletter Available

SAFARI (Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information) have released their April 2016 newsletter.  It features a contribution from the BFMS outlining its work, and clarifying the nature of false memory according to some of the most widely accepted scientific research.  Its contents include:


  • The Met Police and its recent inquirires into Harvey Proctor and Lord Bramall
  • Parliamentary discussion of anonymity for accusers
  • That the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (the ‘Goddard Inquiry’) will now consider the impact of false allegations of abuse
  • Renaming of Independent Police Complaints Commission to Office for Police Conduct
  • False allegations and Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
  • False allegation in speeding case, which then led to the quashing of a wrongful conviction
  • BFMS article on recovered memory, the Carol Felstead case, and the latest scientific research on false memories


To view or download a copy of their newsletter free of charge please visit: http://safari-uk.org/newsletters/No109.pdf

The SAFARI website itself can be found at: http://safari-uk.org/

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