Abused by Therapy

Abused by Therapy Review

Abused by Therapy: How Searching for Childhood Trauma Can Damage Adult Lives Abused by Therapy debunks an enduring myth dating back to Freud, that certain conditions are nearly always caused by childhood trauma.

Making Monsters' Book Cover

Making Monsters Book Review

Recovered memories can be false. Badly directed therapy can do more harm than good. In a groundbreaking work that offers a definitive account of one of the most pressing social and psychological issues of our time, Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Ofshe, and writer, Ethan Watters, examine false memories, psychotherapy and…

The Myth of Repressed Memory Book Cover

The Myth of Repressed Memory

While acknowledging the reality of childhood sexual abuse, Loftus, a research psychologist specializing in memory, believes that in many cases, people create false memories of nonexistent abuse, prompted to do so by their psychotherapists.

Victims of Memory Book Cover

Victims of Memory

Victims of Memory: Incest Accusations and Shattered Lives. Victims of Memory examines the whole terrifying phenomenon of repressed memories. Accusers, the accused, the retractors and the analysts tell their stories in their own words.