September 2015

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The Misery of False Allegations

A report on the FACT (Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers) Spring Conference, held in May. Barbara Hewson looks at the background to false allegations – why they are made, and the part false memory can play in them.  After lunch, the radio presenter and retired schoolmaster Simon Warr gave an electrifying…

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The legacy of implanted Satanic abuse ‘memories’ is still causing damage today

When 21-year-old nurse Carol Felstead went to her doctor complaining of repeated headaches, she wasn’t just prescribed painkillers. Instead, she was referred for psychotherapy that would ultimately involve hypnosis to “recover” so-called repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse. Carol subsequently came to believe that her parents were the leaders of…

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Memory and Hypnosis

An authoritative article from The Skeptical Enquirer. How memory can be changed, distorted or expanded by hypnosis. Hypnosis can bring out not only accurate memories but gross falsehoods as well. It is also an extremely powerful tool for implanting false memories into patients.  Buffalo: Jul/Aug 2003.Vol.27, Iss. 4; pg. 40…