Victims of Dangerous Therapy Expose Methods Used

The Mail on Sunday has published a third article on the treatment received by subjects of Anne Craig’s therapy. Having addressed the experiences of Victoria Cayzer and Laura Hue-Williams’ families as their daughters underwent Anne Craig’s ‘healing’, the newspaper uncovered another three individuals, each of whom told their stories on the promise of anonymity.


A 32-year-old solicitor revealed she had seen Craig for around 18 months in order to deal with ‘anxiety issues’, before ending the sessions in late 2012
‘At first I was quite reassured because she appeared so conventional but she lures you in because all the issues you are dealing with. She tells you that she too has suffered with them.
‘The sessions usually lasted between three and four hours, which was long and exhausting. She is very clever and manipulative and once she knows your weaknesses she exploits them. I told her that my parents had divorced when I was 16, that it was my mother’s decision and she had then moved abroad. Also I told her my mother had had a child before me who had died young. Anne told me that my mother had abandoned me and that she could never love me like the child she had lost. It was terrible stuff – but that is her through and through.
‘Her method is that you need to break free of a particular person. It is subtle and framed in a way that breaking free is actually quite positive. My mum took the hit and it affected my relationship with her.
‘She seems benign, but that is what traps you. For all these girls that was the trap. It is extremely difficult to break away from her because she says “the journey” is the most important thing in your life, and only once you have completed the work with her can you be truly happy and live a fulfilled life. Anne would say that if you leave, who knows what may happen. There was a lot of negativity.’

The article as a whole is extremely interesting, as it clearly describes what it is like to be on the receiving end of this –  quite frankly – bizarre therapy. The inordinate emphasis on destroying relationships, blaming parents for current problems (even those that are unambiguously linked to illness) is particularly noticeable.

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