Notice of winding up the BFMS

For three decades BFMS has been a beacon of integrity, knowledge, support, and information.
 I am sure you are aware that many small charities are struggling financially.
 At our recent Trustees meeting we looked at the present financial situation and evaluated what finances would be required to sustain the running of the society in the future. We as trustees and our wonderful staff have trawled the sources of funding over a lengthy period with little or no success in locating secure finance despite many hours and days of research and applications which were eventually turned down.
 There is also a further issue we have to recognise, one of age and succession. Most of our trustees are advancing in years; several of us are approaching 80 years of age, also let’s not ignore Madeline and Molly who are now of retirement age. Sadly, we have no successors to carry the society forward; therefore, with heavy hearts, we, the Trustees, announce that the society will close by the end of the year and, as one would expect, in an orderly and graceful way as possible.
 We must not ignore the generous and unstinting support our membership has provided over the decades. While we are incredibly grateful for that support, it would be most unfair to seek support from you once again, and with no prospect of securing longer-term funding.
 We intend to maintain a website for a further three years, albeit with a different name. Kevin is contributing to an academic paper focusing on the work of the BFMS; he is also writing a book (working outwards from Fractured Families) which will be ready for publication this year. Our intention is to wind down the operation on a positive note, and to leave a legacy of good working.
 Yours, Chair of the Trustees