Life Coach Taken to Court

The case against therapist Anne Craig continues. Victoria Cayzer was first treated by Anne Craig in 2010, when she was 21, and has continued her relationship with the therapist ever since. Since that time she has separated herself from her family, and the latter claim this has been at the instigation of the therapist, and has been encouraged by her with other families as well.


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Among the accusations is the claim that Mrs Craig planted false memories of child abuse in the minds of her clients – again, denied.

On Friday, the Countess will learn whether her application for the documents, which relate to the 2014 arrest of Mrs Craig, will be successful.

At an earlier hearing in June, Mark Jones, barrister for the Countess, said a private investigator had discovered a ‘harrowing body of evidence’ about Craig’s methods.

He said: ‘My client’s case is that the evidence she has obtained discloses a methodology whereby memories or events are falsely and deliberately implanted in the minds of impressionable, perhaps vulnerable, young women.

‘Part of the intention is to sunder their natural relations of affection with their families.’

Several former clients had similar stories to tell, stating that Mrs Craig, who describes herself as a ‘personal development coach’, had told them she can analyse dreams and is in touch with the spirit world.


Countess Caledon is seeking to obtain details held by the police concerning Anne Craig’s arrest in 2014. The Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case, however the Countess would like to know more about those events so she can launch a private prosecution against Anne Craig.

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