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Services – Besides a helpline and access to legal advice, the BFMS supplies the following items:

Academic Articles

We have an extensive archive of academic articles. Click here to view the latest article list. If you would like copies of particular items then please telephone the BFMS office.

False Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse

This 15 minute documentary highlights the devastating phenomenon whereby adults come to believe new-found memories of childhood sexual abuse which are not factually true. It introduces the key psychiatric, psychological and scientific issues which bear upon the false memory phenomenon. World renowned researchers and clinicians have contributed to the production of this video together with the tragic, yet sometimes hopeful, stories from families and their retracting sons and daughters.

DVD or video available – price £10 inclusive of p&p

False Memories – a peripheral issue?

Reprint of a chapter by Roger Scotford taken from Controversies in Psychotherapy and Counselling, edited by Colin Feltham, pub Sage Publications, 1999 pp 43-52.

Price £2 inclusive of p&p

Review article: Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse – Implications for Practice

S. Brandon, J. Boakes, D. Glaser, R. Green, Reprinted from The British Journal of Psychiatry April 1998, pub The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Price £2 inclusive of p&p (for extracts from The ‘Brandon Report‘ click here)