Family To Launch Landmark Legal Case Against Therapist

It is a familiar theme, but shocking every time: Young woman goes to therapist, her behaviour changes radically, she makes incredible claims of historic abuse against family members, develops a bizarre relationship with the therapist, separates herself from the family and then vanishes altogether.  It appears many have received the same treatment from this therapist  – an individual who, according to reports, can analyse dreams and ‘make contact with the spirit world’.

The young woman is Victoria Cayzer and the therapist Anne Craig. Victoria’s mother is Lady Caledon, her stepfather Lord Caledon. In an interview with the Mail on Sunday her grandmother, Lindy Ticehurst, said:


‘Before I die, I want to see my granddaughter for one last time. I feel I have no option but to speak publicly in the hope of getting the message through to Victoria. I want to say goodbye.’

‘My daughter does not want to talk because she is worried she may lose Victoria forever. But I do not have the luxury of time. In January I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It has spread to the lymph nodes and lungs. The prognosis then was six weeks.

‘It is inoperable and the only thing keeping it at bay is the chemotherapy.

‘I have written to Victoria through Craig’s solicitors because we don’t even know where she lives. The pain of missing out on so many years already is incalculable, and is compounded by seeing the overwhelming sadness and distress this has caused her mother.

‘We want Victoria to know that she will be welcomed back to her family with open arms. Love never dies.

‘I have no idea why she won’t talk to us because she has never explained why she has cut us off. We do not blame Victoria. We want her to know that she is very much loved.’

Mrs Ticehurst added: ‘Victoria is not alone. This pattern has happened to several young women who have come under the influence of this woman and they and their families have suffered as we have. It has to stop.’

…. Mrs Ticehurst began to see a change in her granddaughter as soon as she started visiting Mrs Craig. ‘Victoria stayed with me when she came down to London and she would come in from a two-hour counselling session barely able to speak because she was absolutely exhausted,’ the grandmother said. ‘This was in the very early days of her involvement. I got the sensation that Victoria was slightly angry, but it never crossed my mind that this would happen and why would it?

…. Henry Strutt, a company director, said his 29-year-old stepdaughter Laura Hue Williams was a client of the therapist and a friend of Victoria – and that she, too, has cut off contact with her friends and family.

‘Laura has in effect gone missing,’ he said. ‘We do not know where she is living and have no contact details for her. We do not know whether she is safe or even whether she is still alive. Attempts to contact her about the death of her uncle or the forthcoming marriage of her sister have met with silence.

‘This is devastating for her mother, her family and all her friends. They fear for her safety and her mental health because she has undergone a complete personality change over the past few years.

‘Those few friends who have managed to see her have said that the ‘old Laura’ is almost unrecognisable. What has happened should be outlawed in any civilised country.’

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