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Ten Golden Rules for the Falsely Accused

These rules are intended as a guide only, and intended to assist persons who have been falsely accused of a sexual offence. The rules and opinions expressed are strictly the writer’s own. The accusing person is referred to as ‘the complainant.’


Operation Midland on the Verge of Collapse

No evidence has been found to prove that a VIP child abuse ring ever existed, and the Met Police is about to announce the end of the investigation.


The Danger of Modern Witch Hunts

An article on Jimmy Savile, Bryn Estyn and historic acusations.


Lord Bramall Blunders

Police drop their inquiry into war hero, Lord Bramall, but serious questions are now being asked about the nature of their investigation.


Holiday Dinner, With False Memory for Dessert

Dr Julia Shaw discusses the issues of false memories and ‘stolen’ memories.


Neil Fox Case and the Legal Process

Barrister Matthew Scott examines some of the issues involved in the Neil Fox case.


Lynch Mob Justice

A summary of a truly extraordinary article on the Neil Fox case and the behaviour of the police and the CPS in regard to historic abuse investigations.


VIP Child Abuse Witness Retracts Murder Claims

Claims of abuse and murder are retracted by key witness in police investigation.


VIP Child Sex Charity Loses NHS Funds Over False Memory Concerns

The Lantern Project loses NHS funding over claims it cultivates false memories.


Only 1 in 4 Britons Think Legal System is Fair

Recent survey by firm of solicitors shows considerable lack of confidence in British legal system.


Jean La Fontaine on Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic

A comprehensive article on how the Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic was pushed forward by crusaders determined to pursue a preset agenda no matter what the facts were. How is it that ‘victims’ can tell stories of gruesome experiences that they never had?


Should Those Who Make False Allegations Be Prosecuted?

Barrister Matthew Scott addresses the issue of whether those who make false allegations should be prosecuted. The subject of sincerely held false memories is central to his argument.


Father’s Life Destroyed by Child Sex Abuse Lies

Falsely accused, found guilty, imprisoned, exonerated and set free, Geoff Long’s is a harrowing story that typifies the havoc false accusations can wreak.


What are False Memories?

Recent media reports have raised questions over the therapy undergone by several people making allegations of historical sexual abuse against prominent public figures. In particular, it has been suggested that certain forms of therapy run a high risk of unintentionally generating false memories of sexual abuse. But why are there such fears around these kind of therapies?


False Memories and VIP Paedophile Scandal

A recent Daily Mail article has linked false memory to the VIP paedophile abuse scandal.


The Sunday Times – VIP Sex Cases Link to False Memory

Is false memory responsible for the VIP paedophile historical sex allegations? The Sunday Times investigates.


Challenging Miscarriages of Justice

Outstanding speech by Mark Newby at the United Against Injustice Conference on 10 October 2015.


Reliability of Memory in Sexual Abuse Cases

Dr Sarah Garner of the Police Foundation addresses the issue of the reliability of memory in sexual abuse cases.


False Memories Induced by Recovered Memory Therapy

Evening Standard article on second inquest into the death of Carole Myers.


Belief in Recovered Memory Therapy is Risky

An article in the New Scientist magazine on the Carole Myers / Carol Felstead case and recovered memory therapy.


The Most Dangerous Idea in Mental Health

A detailed and meticulous essay about false memory published in the Pacific Standard.


Police Child Abuse Investigations Undermining Justice

Charles Moore, in the Daily Telegraph, assesses the collapsing police investigations into historic child abuse. To what extent are the police prejudicing their own investigations when they start with the belief that all accusations are true?


Are Therapy and False Memory Behind VIP Historic Abuse Claims?

Another lacerating article on the historic abuse investigations being pursued by the police. One of the central witnesses in Operation Midland has, according to Dominic Lawson writing in the Daily Mail, been revealed as ‘a man with a history of false claims.’


Corruption of Justice

An excoriating article by the ex-Director of Public Prosecutions on the lack of due process by the police in many recent historic abuse cases.


Mindfulness May Make the Memory Less Accurate

Medical Xpress – the web based medical and health based news service – has produced an article on the surprising after-effects of practising mindfulness meditation, first popularised by Buddhism and now rapidly spreading throughout society.


BFMS September 2015 Newsletter Now Available

The latest BFMS newsletter is now available for viewing and download.


Memory and Hypnosis

How hypnosis can create false memories and distort real ones. Comprehensive overview of the subject matter, rigorously investigated.


A Man’s Life Destroyed by the Sex Abuse Lies of a Woman He Never Met

Another truly extraordinary story of so-called ‘historical abuse’ that has turned out to be a complete and utter pack of lies.


The Legacy of Implanted Satanic Abuse ‘Memories’ is Still Causing Damage Today

An article by Chris French in The Conversation, based on the Carol Felstead case. Focusing on the psychotherapeutic means by which false memories are created – and how they continue to cause damage today.


The Misery of False Allegations

Barbara Hewson article on the recent FACT conference held in May, the background of false allegations, and the way in which false memory plays a key part.